Sullair Seawater-cooled Diesel-driven High-pressure Air Compressor Successfully Engaged in New Harbor Bay, Guangxi

Due to its excellent design characteristics, high environmental adaptability and strong reliability, Sullair's portable screw air compressors have been widely applied in earth-rock drilling and blasting, mining, oil and gas drilling, pipeline construction, construction of hydropower stations, highways, tunnels and bridges, well irrigation, geothermal utilization, shipbuilding, back-up machine stations, etc. Recently, Sullair's seawater-cooled diesel-driven high-pressure air compressor for underwater reef-blasting construction has been successfully used by New Harbor Bay Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NHBE) in Guangxi Province.

In 1999, NHBE was established in Guangxi. It emerged as the times required and became stronger and stronger with the development of the harbor industry. After decades of effort, the company has won a good reputation in the field of harbor industry and has become the largest and the most competitive underwater reef-blasting company in China. Prior to the purchase of seawater-cooled diesel-driven high-pressure air compressors from Sullair, NHBE already had more than a dozen reef-blasting ships equipped with more than 60 air-cooled air compressors. These air compressors had to be placed on the decks of the ships due to the large amount of heat they emitted, which reduced the space for installation and operation of rigs and limited the scale of reef blasting. In order to undertake larger-scale reef-blasting projects, in 2016, NHBE decided to build a reef-blasting ship with air compressors installed in the cabin. Based on this decision, 7 seawater-cooled diesel-driven air compressors with an exhaust pressure at 24 bar and exhaust volume being no less than 30m3/min were needed.

Upon receiving this information, Li Hongzhi, construction machinery sales manager of Sullair South China, set out to cut a deal with NHBE. As seawater-cooled diesel-driven air compressors had never been produced by Sullair before, nor had anyone in the industry, plus, the delivery time was urgent, Manager Li was not sure about the feasibility of this project. Faced with this challenge, chief engineer Liu Qingwei and engineering manager Hu Qingyu, through meticulous analysis and calculation, told Manager Li that this new application design would be possible which was a big relief for Manager Li. In the following rounds of bids, Manager Li overcame all difficulties and unexpected turns during the process and successfully won the NHBE order for 7 compressors.

From the moment of signing the contract, there would be no backing out. A tight schedule coupled with a challenging and significant task meant that Sullair had to give it their all. To ensure the product would fully meet the requirements of NHBE, project chief designer Zhou Yanhui and senior engineer Zheng Zhen who were leading this project went onsite to confirm all of the client’s concrete requirements. After returning to the company, they set out on product design immediately and continued working tirelessly until the product was complete. Due to the urgent deadline, the engineering design team developed a detailed project schedule plan: first, design the shell-and-tube water-cooled cooler and make the effective total bill of materials; second, purchase long-term materials in advance and borrow second-hand materials; third, make drawings step by step according to the schedule and forward them to staff level by level.

All the engineers knew they must be scrupulous with the drawings despite time limitations, and they discussed the design of every component down to the finest detail. Although Sullair's Production Department hadn't assembled this new model before, it had already begun with the assembly of the machines before the final drawings were sent to them. To ensure a smooth delivery, Sullair's Production Department assigned experienced assembly technicians to the assembly of this model; the Material Department kept an eye on materials and would arrange for purchase if any material was needed; the Quality Department paid full attention to the assembly line and would give feedback to engineers and corresponding suppliers if any component was found to be flawed. Sullair set up a temporary project team for the project and required the Material Department, Production Department, Quality Department, Supplier Development Group and Engineering Department to transfer one person each to oversee the progress. Every morning, a meeting would be held to announce the current progress and the problems encountered. Everyone was working their hardest to launch this project to the client within the specified timeframe. On November 7, the machines were sent to the customer site after problem-finding and solving, assembly and final performance testing were completed. It took only 2 months and 10 days for Sullair to fulfill an order from design to material purchase, then to product assembly, and finally to performance testing, creating the shortest timeframe ever in Sullair history. 


After delivery, these seven machines were installed in the ship cabin as planned. Upholding the corporate philosophy of "Sullair means quality. Sullair means service", Wang Dianchun, after-sales service engineer, would rush to the site for machine debugging upon receiving customer request. Every time he came out of the cabin, his shirt would be soaked with sweat because the space inside was small and humid. With the efforts of the Engineering Department, all machine debugging was completed in June 2017. 

After using them for nearly two months, NHBE has been quite satisfied with the performance of the machines. NHBE's person in charge of the project couldn't help but express to his friend circle on the social medium WeChat: "Sullair is so powerful - three machines at low wind pressure are enough to supply the air volume for 12 drilling rigs." It should be noted that previously, NHBE had to run six air compressors of the other brands they had been using.



The successful use of Sullair's first batch of seven seawater-cooled diesel-driven air compressors indicated that Sullair had competence to enter the shipbuilding industry and expand towards new horizons.

As a world-class provider of compressed air solutions, we know all too well that services and products are equally important. 

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