TS32S Series Fixed-Screw Air Compressors

TS32S series double-screw air compressors are top-notch models of their kind developed by Sullair Asia to suit market needs. This series is characterized by large exhaust volume and high efficiency. It features an integral box structure, an optimized inlet passage, a high-efficiency NEMA motor, as well as high quality parts, such as US-built volume-variant air-ends. The design has also refocused on user-friendliness and lower noise by providing a wide operating and maintaining space that is welcomed and praised by customers. Sullair has improved TS32S series twice over, thanks for your attention.


Two-stage compressor air-end, higher energy efficiency

8,000 hours of sullube lubricant that self-cleans the air compressor

Flexible couplings

Large-volume oil-gas separating tank

Air inlet valve adjustment ensures more efficient use of energy

Luxury computer controller

Sequence control that does not generate other costs

Nano-level inlet air filter

Multi-stage oil separator that ensures <2ppm oil in air

Performance Parameters




Optional Configuration

8000 hours, two-stage oil air separator

Sullair 24KT lubricant + ten-year warranty for air end

Inlet regulation valve

Built-in variable-frequency control (VSD), air capacity can be adjusted up to 30% of the rated value

Built-in variable-capacity control (VCC) and built-in variable-frequency control (VSD) selected simultaneously, air 

capacity can be adjusted up to 20% of the rated value

Intelligent flow controller (IFC)

EO Series Control System

Built-in device for heat recovery



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