WS04-75 Series Fixed-Screw Air Compressors

WS series are top-notch double-screw air compressors developed by Sullair’s outstanding international talents from China, US, France, and Australia, in a two-year effort based on an in-depth survey into global market needs and the solutions of our competitors. This series is characterized by aesthetic appearance, compact structure, energy efficiency, and low noise. It features an integral box structure, an optimized air inlet/discharge passage, a high-efficiency NEMA motor, as well as high quality parts, such as US-built compressor air-ends, and electronic auto water discharge. The design has also refocused on user-friendliness and lower volume by providing a wide operating and maintaining space that is welcomed and praised by customers.


Air intake capacity valve, outstanding and reliable performance

Long-life bearings, reliable rotors, high-quality screw assembly

Nema 4 high-efficiency motor, superb motor cooling design, longer life

High-end microcomputer control

Optimalair™ super air filter, 10 times more efficient than other filters

Sullube™ lubricant, 8000-hour usage life, bio-degradable, lower than 2ppm oil content in discharged gas

Realizes sequence control on multiple air compressors without additional devices

Minimum floor space

Noise as low as 67 dB

Environment-friendly, healthy, safe design

Performance Parameters





Optional Configuration

Air cooling or water cooling (water cooling applicable for units above 45kw only)

Motors of different protection grades

Variable-capacity control or variable-frequency control



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