TS20 Series Fixed-Screw Air Compressors

TS20 series double-stage air compressors are top-notch models of their kind developed by Sullair Asia to suit market needs. US-built Sullair double-stage compressor head, US-built volume-variant air-ends, and efficient NEMA motors ensure these compressors consume less power and run at lower volume. Inheritance of the advantages of other air compressors makes TS20 series a top-notch model offered by Sullair. Optimized design, integral box structure, efficient air inlet passage design, as well as DH aluminum housing water separator and electronic drainage valves, are part of a concerted effort to reduce running noise. A frequency converter can be an option for this series, and is welcomed by high-end users, customer feedback has been positive.


Two-stage compressor air-end, higher energy efficiency

8,000 hours of sullube lubricant that self-cleans the air compressor

Flexible couplings

Large-volume oil-gas separating tank

Air inlet valve adjustment ensures more efficient use of energy

Luxury computer controller

Sequence control that does not generate other costs

Nano-level inlet air filter

Multi-stage oil separator that ensures <1ppm oil in air

Performance Parameters



Optional Configuration

8000 hours, two-stage oil air separator

Sullair 24KT lubricant + ten-year warranty for air end

Inlet regulation valve

Built-in variable-frequency control (VSD), air capacity can be adjusted up to 30% of the rated value

Built-in variable-capacity control (VCC) and built-in variable-frequency control (VSD) selected simultaneously, air 

capacity can be adjusted up to 20% of the rated value

Intelligent flow controller (IFC)

EO Series Control System

Built-in device for heat recovery



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