DS Series Oil Free Dry Screw Air Compressor

Imported US-built air-ends qualified for aviation industry applications. Best quality of oil-free compressed air guaranteed by a revolutionary 5/7 toothed line design for high-pressure rotors and stainless-steel Teflon coating, two-stage compression, four carbocyclic ring air seals, and labyrinth oil seal. It also offers the option of a heat recycling system.


Perfect design ensures robust reliability and high performance of the unit

Sullair smart controller

Coolers (water cooling compressors)

Sullair warranty for the quality of oil-free air compressors

Performance Parameters



Optional Configuration

Air cooling

VSD variable-frequency driven

Remote control

Hot air model (without rear cooler)

Water circuit cutoff valve

Anti-condensing motor heater 

Motor winding temperature measurement

BEK0 electronic water discharge valve


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