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Energy efficiency is the key to reducing our environmental footprint…

If you want to become a world-renowned enterprise, you must be a conscientious enterprise first. This is the statement on the concept of sustainability made by Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE and one of the most influential business leaders in the US. Business leaders like Immelt are quite clear that sustainability is certainly not limited to the “Green Action” plan of large enterprises. It means that we should truly shoulder the responsibility as a qualified corporate citizen, which is also the premise for guaranteeing corporate success and shareholder interest. Therefore, as the core of corporate environmental commitment, reducing the energy consumption of operations throughout the whole supply chain and production process is extremely crucial.

UN Global Compac

In February 2009, Hitachi Limited formally joined the Global Compact advocated by the UN. According to Hitachi, in order to seek sustainable development as a global enterprise, it is necessary that the corporate foundation as the cornerstone overrides national and regional laws and rules to reach internationally recognized global standards. Meanwhile, Hitachi believes that through respecting and implementing the 10 principles of Global Compact, it can strengthen the basis of management.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is an organization led by CEOs of avant-garde enterprises in over 30 nations in the world and founded to create the future of sustainable development for business, society and environment. Hitachi Limited joined the organization in 1995.

As a new member of Hitachi, Sullair is also a proponent of the UN Global Compact. As a leading supplier in the air compressor industry, Sullair has always adhered to the concept of technical innovation and an inventive mind adhering to high quality standards and has dedicated itself to providing innovative and eco-friendly air compressor technology and promoting the sustainable development of various industries. Sullair has attached great importance to the efficient use of resources and adopted new energy-conserving technology to more actively protect the environment. While ensuring that customers can gain more benefits, this can reduce our environmental footprint and help achieve sustainable development.

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