Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems 20th Anniversary Interview

Using Hitachi’ s digital solutions to build a more resilient and risk-resistant supply chain

Sourcing Manager

Hitachi Global Air Power Suzhou Co., Ltd

Qi Li

The job

I am responsible for supplier management and sourcing for Hitachi Global Air Power Suzhou Co., Ltd. My team and I focus on supplier development, management and other supply-chain management business. As we are involved in all the new product development projects, it is exciting to see the process evolve from identifying individual parts and suppliers to seeing the completed products (air compressors) in real life.

Achieving the ideal

The ideal is to create more value for our customers’ business and contribute to our sustainability goals. For example, one project my team recently participated in is the program for DS3.0, an advanced, new oil-free air compressor. This highly energy-efficient product was jointly developed between Hitachi Indus- trial Equipment Systems and Hitachi Global Air Power, leveraging the advanced technologies from both sides. Developing energy-efficient products, or green products, can help our customers save money and reduce our environmental impact.

We are also involved in the AirLinx 2.0 project in China. Promoting the digital platform can enhance business efficiencies through the supply chain module.

The 10-year view

In the past few years, we have seen the disruption of global supply chains. Over the next decade, I want my team and I to leverage Hitachi’s digital platform to successfully build and form an efficient, flexible, resilient, and risk-resistant supply chain system. And we want to do it while openly communicating and effectively complementing our other regions’ systems.

By working as One Hitachi, I aim to contribute to Hitachi Group’s business in greater China and globally.

* As of July 2023

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