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Originally from Michigan City, Indiana, USA, Sullair has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of screw air compressors for more than 50 years, and remarks as one of the world's best-known air compressor brands. In July 2017, Sullair joined Hitachi Group and Suzhou factory officially changed company name to Hitachi Global Air Power (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in 2023. The Sullair products made in HGAP-Suzhou factory has been widely sold in China, Southeast Asia markets and other regions of the world.

HGAP-Suzhou (previously named as SSAE) was founded in 2007 and put into operation in November 2008, which covers a land area of 23,800 m2. The floor area is about 14,100 m2, including main office, workshop, testing cells, and other subsidiary facilities.




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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) Named Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana as New General Manager of HGAP Suzhou and Introduced Organizational Changes

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) Named Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana as New General Manager of HGAP Suzhou and Introduced Organizational Changes


Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana as the new General Manager of Hitachi Global Air Power Suzhou Co., Ltd. (HGAP-SZ), effective from April 1st, 2024. This transition follows the relocation of the current General Manager, Mr. Natsuki Kawabata, who will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HGAP in the United States.Mr. Tachibana brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. He joined Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) in 2004, where he had been primarily responsible for HIES's international sales of Hitachi-branded air compressors. Prior to joining HIES, Mr. Tachibana served as a sales support engineer for overseas customers, gaining valuable insights into different business cultures and practices.During his career, Mr. Tachibana has had the opportunity to work and lead teams in various oversea countries, including China (Shenzhen), the United Kingdom (London), and Thailand (Bangkok). In China, he played a critical role in transferring the test bench from Japan to Shenzhen; and led the subsequent training for local engineers to grow as the future representatives of the company for China market. In the United Kingdom, Mr. Tachibana oversaw the sales of components by actively visiting and approaching customers across Europe. His footprint covered more than 20 countries during his tenure. Moreover, in Thailand, he led the team and successfully doubled the sales revenues within six years.Mr. Tachibana will soon relocate to Suzhou, China. With his extensive international management experience and excellent track record, Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana is well positioned to lead HGAP-SZ into the next phase of growth and development in China.

Hitachi Group's HGAP Quality Month Event Concludes Successfully

Hitachi Group's HGAP Quality Month Event Concludes Successfully


Quality is not only a matter of trust but also a key to success. It occupies a position of utmost importance within Hitachi Group's core values.During November 2023 to January 2024, the HGAP Suzhou factory successfully organized the quality event in line with the HIES Group's quality theme. The event focused on " Gauge Management Improving" and unfolded a comprehensive quality management competition among 12 teams within the factory. The air-end second-line team emerged as the winner, setting an example for the factory staff with orderly gauge management and improved safety precautions, thereby solidifying the defenses for safe production at the factory.In the daily production of the factory, unanticipated damage due to improper measurement tool management occurs from time to time. Unreasonable storage methods and improper or disorderly placement not only increase the waste of management time and costs but also pose potential safety risks. In response, the HGAP Suzhou factory's Quality Month event, centered on gauge management, offered valuable lessons to the factory staff in terms of awareness and action.From the initial disorderly placement of gauges, unclear quantities of measuring tools, and safety hazards, to now having all gauges and measuring tools placed at designated spots, uniformly labeled for clarity, with organized inventory lists for easy management, and significantly reduced unanticipated damage, the quality management situation at the entire HGAP Suzhou factory has been transformed.“By improving our gauge management processes, we not only guarantee safer and more efficient operations within the HGAP Suzhou facility, but also makes our customers trust every HGAP product even more. Let’s carry this spirit beyond Quality Month, making it an integral part of our daily work.” States Colin Chen, the quality manager at HGAP Suzhou.

HGAP-SZ Outstanding Distributors Visit and Exchange at Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) Headquarters

HGAP-SZ Outstanding Distributors Visit and Exchange at Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) Headquarters


On December 4th, representatives from HGAP-SZ Outstanding Distributors, who were awarded the Group Award for the 2022 fiscal year, traveled to Japan with the goal of learning advanced technology and strengthening collaborative exchanges. They embarked on an immersive experience to explore innovative compressor technologies.The first stop on this journey was the Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Shimizu Works. Here, the distributor representatives learned about the history and development of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems. As the main production base for Hitachi compressors, the Shimizu factory boasts a strong design team and continuously optimizes compressor technology details to quickly adapt to user needs and market changes, creating more efficient production systems for users.Currently, the demand for large oil-free compressors in China is increasing. To fully understand the design and production of large oil-free compressor heads, the distributor representatives visited the second stop of the trip, the Tsuchiura Works. As the production base for Hitachi's large oil-free compressors, the Tsuchiura Works has a research and development center for various basic and applied research and technological development. From research and development to design, production, and testing, the Tsuchiura Works' experience and exploration of large oil-free compressor technology provided distributor representatives with a fresh perspective and ideas.In addition to visiting the two advanced production bases, the distributor representatives also visited the Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems headquarters building. They were warmly received by President and CEO of HIES, Takeuchi-san (Charlie), and Executive director in charge of the air compressor division, Tanaka-san (Henry). They engaged in in-depth discussions with distributor partners on industry development trends, changes in the Chinese market, and compressor application demands, laying the groundwork for the company's future development.After the enriching educational trip, HGAP-SZ arranged a sightseeing trip to Asakusa Temple and other attractions for the distributor representatives. While learning about advanced product technology, they also experienced Japan's traditional culture, finding joy in both learning and traveling.

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