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Originally from Michigan City, Indiana, USA, Sullair has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of screw air compressors for more than 50 years, and remarks as one of the world's best-known air compressor brands. In July 2017, Sullair joined Hitachi Group and Suzhou factory officially changed company name to Hitachi Global Air Power (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in 2023. The Sullair products made in HGAP-Suzhou factory has been widely sold in China, Southeast Asia markets and other regions of the world.

HGAP-Suzhou (previously named as SSAE) was founded in 2007 and put into operation in November 2008, which covers a land area of 23,800 m2. The floor area is about 14,100 m2, including main office, workshop, testing cells, and other subsidiary facilities.




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HGAP Culture Day: DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

HGAP Culture Day: DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)


Corporation culture is the soul of a group, laying the foundation and even leading to success.On September 21st, the DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) culture day event was successfully held at HGAP Suzhou. In this event, HGAP people achieved a profound and vivid understanding of these valuable ideas proposed by Hitachi.The theme of this event was the diversity between generations, and it discussed how age differences can boost the development of a corporation. As the event kicked off, GM Kawabata San and Senior HR & Admin Manager Grace Gong took the stage to share their perspectives on DE&I.Since its foundation, Hitachi has managed to achieve a perfect integration of DE&I in its corporation mission, value and vision, and has made it an important part of the Group's business strategy. Nowadays, HGAP also carries these ideas and continues to follow it in work.For a corporation, the team with diversity could be more innovative and creative to handle complex issues. The competition system with equity could bring more opportunities and fulfillment to reduce the staff turnover and enhance the corporation sustainability. And the working environment with inclusion could ensure the staff treated so respectfully and equally that they could keep enough passion and working efficiency.Afterwards representatives from pre-80s, post-80s and post-90s generations respectively expressed their viewpoints from the perspective of personal experience and corporation development, which greatly boosted the interaction of ideas. Then they were divided into several teams. All teams successfully overcame intergenerational contradictions and worked together to provide effective solutions, which showed enough possibility to create a more comfortable working environment.In the future, HGAP shall adhere to the ideas of diversity, equity and inclusion in the path of sustainable development.

2023 Sullair China Distributor Conference successfully concluded in Hong Kong

2023 Sullair China Distributor Conference successfully concluded in Hong Kong


The 2023 Sullair China Distributor Conference was successfully held in Hong Kong. Distinguished guests from Hitachi headquarters, executives from Sullair, and Sullair China distributors gathered to discuss the theme of "Leading a Sustainable Future" and engaged in lively discussions.At the beginning of the conference, Yasuhiro (Charlie) Takeuchi, President of HIES; Hideharu (Henry) Tanaka, Executive Director of HIES; and John Randall, President of Sullair Global and Director of HIES, each delivered speeches and formulated a comprehensive strategic plan for the company's future development.Stephanie Roberts, Director of HIES Branding Dept, highlighted that the company's renaming represents a new beginning. The company will continue to provide highly efficient compressors and industrial Internet solutions to help customers achieve better energy efficiency and operational effectiveness.Looking ahead, Hitachi Group Air Power (HGAP) will continue to develop innovative technologies, strengthen digital technology empowerment, and firmly adhere to green and low-carbon production and management concepts, providing more valuable compressed air solutions. Kawabata Natsuki, General Manager of Sullair Asia, provided strategic guidance and implementation suggestions based on the company's actual situation, opening up a new chapter of development.Following that, the representatives from Sullair China provided comprehensive insights on the company's sales performance review and outlook, operational review and continuous improvement, as well as quality, legal, financial, channel management, engineering, products, and services.

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