LS90P-110P Series Stationary Oil Flooded Screw  Air Compressor

LS90P-110P Series Stationary Oil Flooded Screw Air Compressor

LS90P-110P series air compressor has IP55 IE3 efficiency motor and high efficiency air end with optimized intake and exhaust system, the compressor performance is stable and reliable.


0℃- 46℃ ambient temperature design

5-year warranty for air end(original spare parts shall be used and Sullair maintenance plan shall be followed)

Inlet valve with inlet modulation.

Elastic coupling + gear drive mode

Low noise and high efficiency axial fan (air-cooled model)

Stainless steel heat exchange tube water cooler (water-cooled model)

8,000 hours Sullube lubricant

Sullair customized 8,000 hours two stage oil separator

Equipped with standard "Sullair Star" non-touch screen intelligent controller

Power frequency motor: Standard IP55 IE3 motor, F grade insulation B grade temperature rise

Zero loss floating ball type separator

Performance Parameters

90-110 kW

7.5-12.5 bar

12.6-20.3 m3/min

Optional Configuration

Mechanical spiral valve flow adjustment equipment

Hitachi brand inverter + IP55 IE3 VSD motor

Ultra-efficient IE4 motor

24KT maintenance-free lubricant +10 years warranty of air end

Build-in energy recovery system

Motor RTD and space heater

Other brand inverter, motor

Other power supplies



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