LH22-75 Series Stationary Oil Flooded Screw  Air Compressor

LH22-75 Series Stationary Oil Flooded Screw Air Compressor

LH22-75 series air compressor has IP55 IE3 efficiency motor and Ultra-efficient air end with lower rotor running speed and lower vibration levels. It brings an improvement on both air flow and product efficiency level. It also brings additional benefit on customer energy savings.


0℃- 46℃ ambient temperature design

5-year warranty for air end(original spare parts shall be used and Sullair maintenance plan shall be followed)

Inlet valve with inlet modulation.

Elastic coupling + gear drive mode

Low noise and high efficiency axial fan (air-cooled model)

8,000 hours Sullube lubricant

Sullair customized 8,000 hours oil separator

Sullair standard economical non-touch screen controller

Power frequency motor: Standard IP55 IE3 motor, F grade insulation B grade temperature rise

Zero loss floating ball type separator

Performance Parameters

22-75 kW

7.6-12.0 bar

2.1-15.0 m3/min

Optional Configuration

Mechanical spiral valve flow adjustment equipment (55kW 7bar/8bar only) 

Electronic spiral valve flow adjustment equipment (with 10’ STS touch screen controller, 75kW 7bar/8bar only)

Hitachi brand inverter + IP55 IE3 VSD motor(55kW/75kW only)

Ultra-efficient IE4 motor

24KT maintenance-free lubricant +10 years warranty of air end

Build-in energy recovery system (55kW/75kW only)

Other brand inverter, motor

Other power supplies



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