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Originally from Michigan City, Indiana, USA, Sullair has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of screw air compressors for more than 50 years, and remarks as one of the world's best-known air compressor brands. In July 2017, Sullair joined Hitachi Group and Suzhou factory officially changed company name to Hitachi Global Air Power (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in 2023. The Sullair products made in HGAP-Suzhou factory has been widely sold in China, Southeast Asia markets and other regions of the world.

HGAP-Suzhou (previously named as SSAE) was founded in 2007 and put into operation in November 2008, which covers a land area of 23,800 m2. The floor area is about 14,100 m2, including main office, workshop, testing cells, and other subsidiary facilities.




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2024 Sullair China Distributor Conference successfully concluded in Wuxi

2024 Sullair China Distributor Conference successfully concluded in Wuxi


2024 Sullair China Distributor Conference was successfully held on April 25th, distributors across China gathered to review the past year's achievements and look forward to a new chapter of cooperative development. The theme of the conference was “It’s time to showcase...Capacity, New Value, Growth.”At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Yasuhiro Takeuchi, President & CEO of HIES; Mr. Hideharu Tanaka, Executive Director & COO of HIES; Mr. John Randall, President & CEO of HGAP, delivered opening speeches in succession. They shared insights on the future development trends of the air compressor market, combined with the company's strategy and vision for future development planning, and established common strategic goals with the distributors.Following that, Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana, the new General Manager of HGAP-SZ delivered speech. He shared his years of experience in sales and service related to compressors and provided strategic guidance based on the company and market situation. He encouraged everyone to continue to work together in the new fiscal year and to meet the challenges of the market together.In the subsequent sessions, leaders from various departments took turns presenting on topics such as sales performance review and outlook, operational review and continuous improvement, and quality, legal, finance, channel management, engineering, products, and services. They showed how to provide new value to customers and achieve the company's growth objectives from their respective business perspectives.During the award ceremony at the conference, HGAP-SZ presented awards to outstanding distributors, thanking them for their efforts and contributions over the past year.In the following agenda, the leadership team and distributors engaged in in-depth discussions on sales, service, products, technology, and other topics. They established closer connections and laid a more solid foundation for the future development.

Charlie Takeuchi Delivers his First China Town Hall Meetings in HGAP-SZ and HGAP-CS

Charlie Takeuchi Delivers his First China Town Hall Meetings in HGAP-SZ and HGAP-CS


On April 24th, Charlie Takeuchi, HIES President and CEO, visited Hitachi Global Air Power–Suzhou (HGAP-SZ) and Hitachi Global Air Power – Changshu (HGAP-CS) and delivered his town hall meetings to employees in these two HIES group companies in China for the first time due to the traveling restrictions caused by COVID in the past few years.During the precious time that Charlie spent with the employees, he first shared the company’s purpose, goal, business models, and initiatives related to key strategies including recurring, green and digital from the HIES corporate standpoint.In Charlie’s speech, he mentioned that HIES, as a global company, promised to lead a sustainable future through our green products and innovations. In the new fiscal year, our focus will be on digital, green, innovation, and contributing to a circular economy for sustainable growth. HIES will continuously strive to improve environmental safety, carbon efficiency, our workplace culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), prioritize employee health, safety, and career development to build a positive work environment and corporate culture.When discussing culture transformation, Charlie emphasized Safety First was always the No.1 thing as a company. In addition, he introduced Chinese employees to exciting projects that are either in process or planning relating to topics including sustainability, internal communication, DEI, global talent development, and Working Together. All these efforts showed the company’s desire to break down barriers in internal communication, strengthen networks between people having different backgrounds and experiences, and enhance people’s engagement globally, which impressed employees a lot.The Chinese employees also actively responded to Charlie - especially in the Q&A sessions. Employees highly valued the great opportunity to ask their questions to Charlie directly. Charlie’s insightful answers brought smiles to their faces.After the town hall meetings, Charlie also did safety walks with the local management teams in the manufacturing sites respectively. Charlie recognized the efforts made and improvements achieved by HGAP-SZ and HGAP-CS in ensuring employees’ safety in their daily work.In July, Charlie plans to visit the remaining HIES companies in China, which he couldn’t make in this trip, to have more face-to-face communication with other HIES global employees.

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) Named Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana as New General Manager of HGAP Suzhou and Introduced Organizational Changes

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) Named Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana as New General Manager of HGAP Suzhou and Introduced Organizational Changes


Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana as the new General Manager of Hitachi Global Air Power Suzhou Co., Ltd. (HGAP-SZ), effective from April 1st, 2024. This transition follows the relocation of the current General Manager, Mr. Natsuki Kawabata, who will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HGAP in the United States.Mr. Tachibana brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. He joined Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) in 2004, where he had been primarily responsible for HIES's international sales of Hitachi-branded air compressors. Prior to joining HIES, Mr. Tachibana served as a sales support engineer for overseas customers, gaining valuable insights into different business cultures and practices.During his career, Mr. Tachibana has had the opportunity to work and lead teams in various oversea countries, including China (Shenzhen), the United Kingdom (London), and Thailand (Bangkok). In China, he played a critical role in transferring the test bench from Japan to Shenzhen; and led the subsequent training for local engineers to grow as the future representatives of the company for China market. In the United Kingdom, Mr. Tachibana oversaw the sales of components by actively visiting and approaching customers across Europe. His footprint covered more than 20 countries during his tenure. Moreover, in Thailand, he led the team and successfully doubled the sales revenues within six years.Mr. Tachibana will soon relocate to Suzhou, China. With his extensive international management experience and excellent track record, Mr. Yoshihiko Tachibana is well positioned to lead HGAP-SZ into the next phase of growth and development in China.

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