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Headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana, USA, Sullair LLC has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of screw air compressors for more than 50 years, remarking one of the world's best known air compressor brands. In July 2017, Sullair became a member of the Hitachi Group. Sullair Asia has a main production center which is based in Suzhou, China, with sales and after-sales service networks throughout the country, Southeast Asia and other Asian regions.

Sullair's main products include stationary screw compressors, portable screw compressors, screw vacuum pumps, air dryers, precision filters and vacuum pumps, widely adopted in Electronics, thermal power, chemical, new energy, automobile, textile, medicine.



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Sullair Asia Pte Ltd

Add: 30 Pioneer Crescent, #10-15, West Park BizCentral, Singapore 628560

Tel: +65 6305 7442

Fax: +65 6305 7414

Sullair Taiwan LLC

Add: 105 3rd Floor, No. 167, Dunhua North Road, Taipei City (Hongguo Building)

Tel: 02-2718-3666

Fax: 02-2718-8180

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